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       In books, an event known as the hunger games is described. The people of many cities voted on the matter, and unanimously agreed that it would make for excellent entertainment, except there needed to be multiple changes. The first was that there should be no killing. If you are injured to a certain extent, or if you are unconscious for over one minute, you will be withdrawn. Any attempted or succeeded murder will cost you. Literally. You have to pay a certain fine to the victim's family if you kill, and you will also be withdrawn from the games. If you win, your prize is $500,000.00. Anyway, the next change is that there are game-masters, not game-makers. They also rotate out every games. Same for the mentors. The Games are bi-annual, not annual.

      The principles of how to choose the tributes are different as well. The tributes are hand-picked by Mrs. Christine Vanteski. You can be picked a number of times, and there is no set number of tributes, or restrictions of where they are from. The range of ages that you can be selected for the games is from 6-40. Also you can volunteer to replace someone, or just to go into the arena, and not replace any one. Most tributes selected have some sort of special powers or skills. That's how they came up with the name, The Meta-Games, or The "M"-Games for short.
This will explain my story even further, and PLEASE COMMENT! It really means the world to me.
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January 5, 2013
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