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Corena boarded the Wayne private-jet with the most intense smile on her face. She held hands with her boyfriend, Damian, and was ready to travel to Gulf-Shores, Alabama. It was the Wayne-family-and-friends-vacation. Oh, that’s right. Everyone from the “Bat-Family” would be going. Including Artifice, A.K.A. Corena Marilyn Vanteski, and Bruce Wayne’s new fiancée, Selina Kyle, plus their three children, Helena, (not to be mistaken for Helena Bertinelli) Terry, and Matthew. Even Carrie Kelly, Bat-Mite (In his new alter-ego, Kip Jones) and Bilal Asselah. Alfred and Ace were also tagging along, as well as Kate and Bette Kane, and David Zavimbe, Renee Montoya. All of the Robins and Bat-Girls were there too, plus newly-discovered, Mar’i or Mary Grayson. Altogether, including all of those mentioned above, there were 27 people total going on the trip. Lucky for them, they were staying at a Wayne- Enterprises Resort, which had large, luxurious, beautiful suites with multiple bedrooms.

   “How many pools are there?” Kip asked.

“Yeah, how many are there, Bruce? I just love the water!” Corena added on.

  “Well,” Bruce answered, “There’s a regular pool with LED light-shows and dancing waters, there’s two with water-falls and ‘secret compartments’, a hot-tub with all luxuries,  a pool that is basically a water-park, there’s a lap-pool, a kiddie-pool, and finally, a wave pool. Plus the countless fountains throughout the resort and a coy pond in the lobby, and we’re a few miles down from the beach.”

“Tt—why is there a wave-pool if the hotel is only a few miles down from the beach?” Damian asked snobbily.

 “Well, I think that it’s for lazy people and people who are afraid of aquatic animals,” Bruce answered looking up at the ceiling and scratching his chin. Everyone in the plane started laughing, except for Jason, whom was recently magically rehabilitated by Corena and in the bathroom at the time.

Oh yes, this was going to be the best … vacation … ever.
The first part of a new story that i'm working on. Tell me if you like it. i chose gulf shores because i like it there, i like swimming, and gotham is in the hands of knight, squire, and their colleagues.
violetsonamy777 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013  Student Artist
WHERE ARE THE TEEN TITANS not including robin
CartoonNetworkgal Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Where does it say anuthing about that?
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